Introducing the XM and XM PRO Mountain Skis

Curve Industries XM & XM PRO

Curve Industries is proud to introduce the all new XM and XM PRO mountain skis. Engineered to explore further into the backcountry and conquer the most technical terrain.

Available in 2 models, the XM and XM PRO, we have a ski that fits your riding style. Both models feature the same great technology to improve your off trail experience. The XM and XM PRO provide excellent flotation, superior sidehilling capabilities, aggressive handling, all in a lightweight package.

The XM offers increased flexibility and predictable handling while navigating technical terrain. The XM PRO is for those who require superior durability and rigidity whether you're hitting big jumps, cliff dropping, or hillclimbing this is the ski for you.



At 7.6" wide in the front, the XM and XM PRO skis are able to keep its tip up out of the snow at all times. Under the spindle the XM measures 7.25" wide to maintain excellent flotation.


The skis have a tapered rear allowing you to initiate a sidehill with ease. The ski also features a flat "shelf-like" platform on the underside of the ski to assist in sidehill engagement. With our exclusive edge design the XM and XM PRO can easily ascend or descend thanks to a small contact point when the ski is on edge.


Featuring our patented variable geometry, snow is funneled and compacted under the ski providing predictable handling and increased ski lift in deep snow. The XM and XM PRO also have the same keel profile as the proven XS and XSM skis for aggressive cornering with less rider fatigue.


Constructed of the same UHMW material as all our other products, the XM and XM PRO will stand the test of time and whatever abuse you put it through. The XM and XM PRO are protected by our lifetime warranty.


Less unsprung weight is desirably and unprecedented for technical mountain riding. The XM is the lightweight option of choice for the top mountain riders.

Preorder is available now. Shipping to begin in October.