What do I need to purchase for a complete set ready to bolt on my sled?

Everything is sold individually, so you will need to purchase 2 ski bottoms, 2 loops, a set of loop hardware, a mount kit specific for your machine, and a pair of carbides.

How do I get sponsored by Curve Industries?

To be considered for our sponsorship program, send a resume and cover letter, your social media links and all contact information: name, address, phone, email, to info@curveindustries.com.

I'm having trouble installing my skis, the rubber grommet will not compress.

The rubber grommet should be stiff as this is going to keep your ski from flopping around when lifted in the air. Start by setting the weight of the sled down on the grommet in the ski saddle to get the bolt started tip the ski so the outside of the ski is up on an angle. Once the bolt is started tap it through with a hammer until it hits the other side. Then take a 2" x 4" or small block of wood and place it underneath the inside the ski to compress the rubber, now you should be able to tap the bolt through the rest of the way. If you're still having trouble, simply heating the rubber with hot water or a heater will help make it more pliable.

How much should I toe my snowmobile out?

We suggest an eighth inch each ski, for a total of a quarter inch from ski to ski. Make sure you measure off the front and rear of the mounting structure as the ski is parabolic.

I'm experiencing heavy steering with my Curve skis, is this normal?

No, the Curve ski is well-known for its light steering characteristics, it's likely your machine is not set up properly. First check your toe, see previous response. Next check your rear suspension, first we suggest turning your center shock down, then if the problem is still occurring adjust your limiter strap. Another common misconception that can result in heavy steering is more carbide means better turning, this is not the case with the Curve ski. You can run a much less aggressive carbide and still experience precise and aggressive cornering.