"Now you could blast down a trail in total control, bounce out into the powder and still have positive steering on the snowmobile. That’s because the Curve Ski is designed with a “snow control” profile that compresses snow into rails under the ski."

-Steve Janes, SnoWest


"I've used a lot of different skis in my life, just about every different manufacture and these [Curve XSM] do a great job. We were riding in the powder, sidehilling, no problem at all." 

-Louie Skebo, PowerModz


"When we put these skis [Curve XS] on all the darting went away, she could ride anywhere and not have any trouble... this thing outperformed itself."

-Indy, Sled Shed TV


"With its somewhat radical look, easy steering at any speed, ultra-precise cornering, no push, very minimal darting and excellent off trail manners, the Curve XS gets my vote as the best all-around trail ski... The leading edge and keel shape really do tone down the darting and virtually eliminate deceleration darting. Rutted trails are no problem as this ski seems to make its own path... The Curves are not wiry and do not wear you out after a two-hundred-mile day, like some others I’ve tried."

-Jim Tucker, Sledmass


"Compared to the stock skis, I noticed better trail performance and tracking with the Curve XSM skis. A reduction in darting through ruts and wear bar/keel marks on the trail was a pleasant surprise — a benefit linked to the unique double-arc profile along the bottom of the skis. Without substantially increasing the steering effort in trail or hard snow conditions, the XSM offered aggressive initial turning without pushing. Durability was also paramount in the varying conditions throughout nine late-season ride days where I encountered sharp rocks and pesky stumps or logs that tried to crease the skis. The construction of the Curve XSM held up without any considerable marks or gouges."

-TJ Krob, SnowGoer


"These skis [Curve XSM] are awesome for floatation, they work awesome on the trail getting you up to the mountain, and when you're counter steering it's effortless they go where you want to go." 

-Scott Rhodes, Polaris Test Rider


"All my sleds run curve skis cause there is no other skis that performs as well."

-Kevin Carlson, Curve hill drag racer


"Awesome skis, durable and works perfect both in deep snow and on hard trail."

-Simon Selberg, Curve backcountry athlete


"I did not feel exhausted from turning the skis [Curve XS]. I also have the ability to turn much tighter radius turns at slower speeds. Long sweeping curves just require regular turn pressure like the stock skis. But they hold the turns. I can ride fast on the sweepers with confidence."

-James, Curve customer -- 2017 Arctic Cat ZR 800 owner


"Skis sold themselves as soon as I drove into the parking lot."

-Chris Runde, Curve customer -- 2015 Yamaha SR Viper owner