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XM Ski
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For 2020 we reimagined the mountain ski from the ground up... introducing the all new highly anticipated XM pure mountain ski. Featuring technology to allow you to explore further into the backcountry and perform the most technical off trail maneuvers.

The XM snowmobile ski offers superior sidehilling capabilities, increased flotation, aggressive handling, and unmatched durability, all in a lightweight package. Through years of development we were able to design and develop a ski that encompasses everything you want in a mountain ski. 



  • 7.6" Wide [Provides excellent flotation] 


    • Exclusive Edge Design [responsive sidehilling, allowing you to ascend or descend effortlessly]

    • Tapered Rear [sidehill initiation]


    • Variable Geometry [minimal steering effort and increased control]

    • 1.6" Deep Keel [aggressive cornering performance]


    • Gripper Bracing [provides superior strength and traction when standing on skis]

    • UHMW Construction [unmatched durability]


    *Skis sold individually, images may not be perfect representation of color

    To purchase a complete pair of skis you will need to order: 2 ski bottoms, 2 loops, 1 loop hardware, 1 mount kit, and 1 carbide

    See the links below to complete your package.
    1. Loops

    2. Loop Hardware

    3. Mount Kit

    4. Carbide

    5. Additional Accessories

    Curve Industries also offers the ability to trade in your old skis in to receive a rebate on a set of new Curve skis, view here.

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