XM Ski

XM Ski
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Introducing the all new XM mountain ski from Curve Industries. Featuring technology to allow you to explore further into the backcountry and perform the most technical off trail maneuvers.

The XM skis is available in 2 configurations, the XM and the XM PRO. For those that require superior durability and rigidity the PRO is the ski for you. The XM PRO features the same profile and ski features as the XM model.

Offering superior sidehilling capabilities, increased flotation, aggressive handling, and unmatched durability, all in a lightweight package the XM and XM PRO will improve your off trail experience.



To purchase a complete pair of skis you will need to order:

Curve Industries also offers the ability to trade in your old skis in to receive a rebate on a set of new Curve skis, view here.

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