Winter Restored

We are now mid season and this winter has us east coasters splitting our hairs! Is there still hope? We think so, and seems to confirm our hopes. We are amidst a pending snow event that could bring winter back to Upstate NY and much of the east coast. At the current time many of us are experiencing some sort of mixed precipitation or all rain, however tomorrow (2/7) everything looks to switch back to snow and bring us some decent accumulation. See the map below for snow totals. Followed by much colder air than we have been experiencing lately will make for some of the best riding we've seen all year! But what about next week? For now temperatures appear to hover right around/slighly above freezing to begin the week dropping to mid 20s by the end of the week. The long range looks to be on the up and up but as this season has shown so far we can't be sure of anything.

The midwest has been riding since day one of the trails opening as they have had just a remarkable season. Some flirting with slightly above freezing temperatures here and there but for the most part not enough to put them out of commission as mother nature has done to us so many times. Much of the same as we head into the weekend, moderate snow falls for the north country but nothing crazy. Southern MN and much of WI could see some heavier accumulating snow to end their weekend. Potential for a big snow event late next week for much of the midwest but still too early for to call.

Meanwhile out west, Colorado is getting absolutely pummeled with snow, but with that comes an increased chance for avalanches. Remember to always know before you go, and Rocky Mountain Sled Condition's Facebook page is a good place to start! Montana is also expected to experience some heavy snowfall through tomorrow. All in all most western riding zones have decent snowpack and most can expect more on the way... send some our way would ya!