Winter isn't over yet!

This is extremely hard to write right now...

Is winter over? That's the question everyone asking themselves right now... we're remaining optimistic, it's still only mid February. March can still bring some big storms (look at last year for us here in the North east). But where is the best riding right now given the circumstances.

Despite the rain and warm temperatures the snow will hang on with a death grip in the north country here in NY and VT, ME and NH. Temperatures have remained below freezing at night to allow some of the clubs to get out and groom. Luckily today isn't nearly as warm as it's been and tomorrow looks to be cooler as well... GET OUT AND RIDE WHILE YOU CAN! Next week looks a little shaky, with another warm spell mid week. We're not going to fret about it, we'll just keep checking for the daily outlook.

The midwest won't go without feeling this warm up impact as well. Luckily the UP, NW WI and MN have plenty of snow and won't lose too much either and they're calling for more, some spots could see 6"+ by the end of the weekend. Next week brings another round of snow, bringing near a foot for the north country. delivers the goods once again!

I guess for the west to thrive us in the east must suffer, winter is in full send mode for the Rocky's. Snow is beginning to stack up nicely in Steamboat (Rabbit Ears/Buff Pass), with 1'+ over the last 24 hours. NW Wyoming, W Montana, and N Idaho have no shortage of fresh either, with 100"+ total on the ground.

Please be aware, there are some considerable/high avalanche warnings out there, know before you go! Check Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions for the latest.