Team Maine Racing | What it takes

When we created the Curve ski not only did we set out to create the best performing ski but also the most durable. Snowmobiling is a demanding sport, and you demand a certain level of quality from the products you purchase. We uphold those quality standards with a predictable long lasting product, backed by a 100% performance guarantee.

Take it from Team Maine Adventure Racing, who competes at the highest most demanding level of snowmobile endurance races... from the Iron Dog to Cain's Quest to multiple XC series... they know what it takes to be competitive.

Robert Gardner, manager of Team Maine had this to say after returning from their Snowmageddon '17 trip earlier this season...

"They [riding buddies] all unloaded being new to the G4 Freeride and quickly realized that they did not handle like the XS in the Trail or single lane running... The boys were frustrated to say the least, their set ups were way off the mark. So after letting them ride my Curve equipped G4 they were certainly impressed with it. So I had an extra set in the hauler and took a set off my sled to start passing around over the next few days. To say the least the boys were impressed one of the guys made the comment these Curves aren’t coming off my sled till we leave here. Anyone I get to ride these skis loves them it made a huge difference in the handling of the G4. Hats off to you guys again for making me look good."

Long story short, if you haven't gotten a chance to try a set of Curve skis for yourself, what're you waiting for?

"They walked away believers, even the beating these skis will take compared to the others in incredible, they all were changing carbide and dealing with broken studs of runners early in the trip. The conditions are not always the best on these big loops we make up there early season. I never changed a carbide all week in fact one set of skis had been on since the weekend prior up there. These skis are just tough and continue to make me look good after 8 years with you guys thank you." -Robert Gardner

Thank you Rob for trusting in our product and best of luck at Cain's Quest this year!