Opening Week Snow Report

For much of the Adirondack Park this week signifies the first official week of the snowmobiling season as the trails open up. So with that being said, the real question is, is it rideable? Yes and no... If you get up there fast and by fast we mean right now then yes you may be able to log a few miles before the unfortunate reality of the warm up we have anticipated takes hold. Yes, as temps begin to rise today and the rain threatens what little snow we do have will take a beating. That being said it's not all bad, if some of the snow can hang on, temperatures will return to near normal later this week freezing everything bad up and possibly making a pretty solid base. Keep your eyes on for some good news soon hopefully!

In other news the Midwest has nothing to worry about. With many people already riding in the north country and more snow on the way, it's shaping up to be one of the best starts to the snowmobile season they've had in a long time. Expect moderate snowfall today throughout the Northwoods with the LE machine kicking on for parts of the UP through Wednesday. As a strong cold front moves in and settles in for the remainder of the week MN, N. IA, WI, the UP and northern lower MI could all see some snow. Heavy snowfall for the western UP, specifically the Keweenaw region Wednesday. Beyond that expect the cold to stick around with the possibility of another snow event early next week! As always check for daily winter weather updates.

As for the Rocky Mountains, they've got snow... and lots of it. The early season has been good to you folks as many have been riding since before Thanksgiving. That being said be careful and know before you go. That old snowpack from earlier this season can create treacherous avalanche conditions if you are not careful. Current snow depths below...