Get Out and Ride!

Well it's mid March and as much as we don't want to admit it, the inevitable is not far away... For those of you in the northeast and greater midwest get out and ride now while you can! 

As we anticipate the warm up today through the end of the week, if you live anywhere other than the Tug/Adirondack region in New York ride now because by the weekend you'll be looking at a sea of brown as the last of the snow is wiped away. The north country has enough snow that they should survive the this blow and be rideable for weeks to come. Friday evening a cold spell moves in from the west and rain showers transition back to snow, but don't get too excited as not much accumulation is expected. Next week appears to be pretty quite with temperatures returning back to normal/slightly below average, but either way nothing "big" that would extend our riding season is expected.

See the snow coverage map below, after this week the dark purple and green will be the only rideable regions left. As always thank you to for the no B.S. reporting this season!

Well if you're in the Dakotas you're happier than a clam... if you're anywhere else in the Midwest not so much. The western part of S. Dakota could see upwards of a foot, whereas the rest of the state and the eastern part of N. Dakota can expect half that. The Black Hills are going to get blasted though with a possible 2'+! The rest of the Midwest can expect above average temperatures as the freeze line moves north into Canada. Rain continues into Thursday switching back to snow late Thursday nigh with the possibility of a couple of inches for northern MN, WI and the UP. Next week temperatures will run below average with no significant snows in the forecast for

Out west, the complete opposite story, they continue to get snow on top of the record year they've already has... many areas will be riding well into late spring/early summer! With that being said, avalanche warnings are abundant and as long as they keep getting snow they won't be going anywhere. Please check the conditions before you go! Colorado has already seen 4'+ in the last two days and it's still falling. Make Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions your go to source when looking for snow reports.