Final Winter Update

It would appear another winter has come and gone... at least for us flat landers. The reality is we are at the tail end of March, and with being able to ride right up through last weekend we can't complain too much.

For the Northeast despite the ups and downs we still had a pretty darn good season. The Tug and Adirondacks had good snowfall all season and there's still snow in some spots. There was even one week in early February when pretty much the entire state of New York and New England were rideable. It's been awhile since we've had good widespread rideable conditions and that was nice to see. The last week in February was also great for many clubs across the state and the riding was excellent. Huge thank you to for providing excellent reports as always and not beating around the bush!

Take a look at the snowfall totals for the state below.

The Midwest still has some snow in the northwoods but with temps running slightly above normal it won't be around for long so get out while you can. Rains continue to fall across the Midwest changing over to snow on the backside of the system but nothing more than a sloppy inch. Things look pretty quite to start off April with the possibility of some snow at the end of next week but nothing to get your hopes up over. has posted his final map for the season, we can't thank him enough for the daily updates.

Out west... that's another story, your season is far from over. Typical spring like conditions for the lower elevations, cold nights making the snow hard in the morning and softening up later in the day from the high sun. In the higher elevations there's still a great base and plenty of fresh. Some areas have peaked in total snowpack, others have not. Idaho and Montana being those who're still getting dumped on can expect an additional foot by the end of today. Continue to check Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions for the latest on what's happening in the west.