Cain's Quest | Team Maine Dominates

Labeled one of the toughest snowmobile endurance races in the world, Cain's Quest kicked off Friday, March 2 as man and machine raced to tackle the grueling Eastern Canada terrain. Forty one teams departed from Labrador City, with only 17 teams completing the treacherous 3100km race. Amongst those finishers, Team Maine (Team 22) comprised of Robert Gardner and Andrew Milley came out on top while Dixon Clements and Scott Biddle of Team Southern Snow Riders/Team Maine (Team 88) rounded out the podium with a very impressive third. 

Team 22 (Robert Gardner and Andrew Milley) were the first to finish the grueling 3100km

Team Maine racing is no spring chicken when it comes to snowmobile racing and Cain's Quest, Gardner has one twice before and his teammate Milley has a previous win under his belt as well. Huge congratulations to Team 22 and Team 88 and everyone involved.

Team 88 (Dixon Clements and Scott Biddle) crossing the finish line in third.

Simply completing a race of this caliber takes an incredible amount of skill, strength, and endurance. If that isn't a testament to toughness then I don't know what is... and the toughest racers need the toughest equipment, that's why there's no other choice than Curve Industries.