Curve Carbides
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Curve is now offering carbides designed specifically for the Curve Ski featuring its patented variable geometry. Made by Accord the wearbars are designed to last longer as well as be more forgiving when it comes to steering effort. They are offered in a 4" as well as a 6" option. We also offer two Studboy options, available in either the 6" Shaper or the 9" G-Force.


  • Short track (120"-129") non-studded: 4" Round bar

  • Short track (120"-129") studded: 6" Round bar

  • Crossover (137"-146") non-studded: 6" Round bar

  • Crossover (137"-146") studded: 6" Shaper bar

  • Mountain/Off-trail: 4" Round

  • Snowbike: 9" G-Force