Curve Carbides

Curve Carbides
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Curve offers many different carbide options, from different host bars to different carbide lengths. Whether you have the all new Curve XM and XM PRO skis or the proven XS/XSM/XDI skis we offer the right carbide for your riding style.

Choose from Curve Industries, Stud Boy, and Woody's.

Below are recommendations based on snowmobile track lengths and riding experiences. This is simply a recommendation and every rider may have different preferences.

XS/XSM/XDI Carbide Selection

  • Trail (120"-129") non-studded: 4" Round bar

  • Trail (120"-129") studded: 6" Round bar

  • Crossover (137"-146") non-studded: 6" Round bar

  • Crossover (137"-146") studded: Stud Boy 6" Shaper bar

Combat Darting Solutions

  • Slim Jim Dooly 4"-6": Eliminate darting, smoothest on trail

  • Round bar carbide + Leading edge: Reduce darting, no compromises cornering

XM/XM PRO Carbide Selection

  • 100% Off Trail: Woody's 0" Square/Hardweld Square

  • 75% Off Trail: Woody's 4" Square

  • 50% Off Trail: Woody's 6" Ace

  • Snocross/XC: Woody's 8" Ace

Sold in pairs.