Stage 3
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Elka's Stage 3 is their most popular shock model, which is designed to unlock the true potential of your snowmobile’s performance.

Derived directly from the top of the line Stage 5 model, sharing many of the same components, the Stage 3 features a single external compression adjustment knob that controls the low-speed compression damping. Achieving race-level performance in a package that is more accessible and easier to adjust.


  • Low-speed compression

  • Threaded spring preload


  • Huge oil ports allow for massive oil flow

  • Built from aeronautical grade billet aluminum

  • Low-friction internals to reduce operating temperature

  • Internal high-speed blow-off circuit helps relieve peak pressure upon impacts

  • Hard-anodized parts increase durability and helps reduce internal friction inside the body

  • Fully synthetic proprietary oil blend that maintains its properties in extreme cold and high temperatures

  • Seal head design is composed of external ice-breaking seal, high-pressure step-seal and o-ring


  • Front shocks, 36mm, coilover

  • Configuration varies according to snowmobile make and model

*NOTE: Prices subject to change based on snowmobile make and model