XS Ski

XS Ski
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*NOTE: Skis are sold individually, not per pair

The XS snowmobile ski platform is Curve's standard trail performance ski. The XS offers predictable cornering performance, reduced tracking, low steering effort, and unmatched durability. The XS is the ski of choice for many Cains Quest, USCC, COR Powersports and RMR XC teams and racers who wish to dominate the race course. The XS also has the ability to be tuned to your riding style with Curve's many accessory offerings.


  • Parabolic Design [Greater edge surface area for grabbing the snow]

  • Wide intake profile [Snow manipulation to form rails under the ski]

  • Unique single keel design [Less steering effort]

  • Constructed of UHMW polyethylene [Most durable ski on the market]

  • Available in multiple colors

  • Sold individually

To purchase a complete pair of skis you will need to order: 2 ski bottoms, 2 loops, 1 loop hardware, 1 mount kit, and 1 carbide

See the links below to complete your package.
  1. Loops

  2. Loop Hardware

  3. Mount Kit

  4. Carbide

  5. Additional Accessories 

Curve Industries also offers the ability to be able to trade in your old skis to receive a rebate on a set of new Curve skis, view here.

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