Leading Edge

Leading Edge
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The leading edge was developed to address slow speed and deceleration tracking on rutted hard packed or icy trails. This adverse condition is one that has plagued single runner skis until now, because with an LE installed, the hard surface doesn't stand a chance. Through proven testing, the fundamental finding was not to use more wear bars, but simply control the one already employed. The LE simply tears up the hard pack and icy trail leaving behind a fresh path for which your single runner carbide can follow without becoming stuck in another ski's rut. If you desire reduced darting and do not want to sacrifice steering effort, the leading edge is the way to go.


  • Reduce darting

  • Improves tracking in all conditions

  • Zero reduction in top speed

  • Zero increase in steering effort

  • Defense against foreign impacts which could otherwise cause wear bar damage

  • Sold in pairs

  • User Manual

*NOTE: First time installations require a template, purchase here.

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