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Curve offers the ability to customize your skis to the riding conditions and your specific riding style. 

Leading Edge

Available in a 2" and 4" option, the LE was developed to address slow speed and deceleration darting on rutted hard packed or icy trails. The LE will allow your skis to make there own path through the snow rather than getting stuck in other ski's ruts. The 2" will eliminate 85% of darting whereas the 4" will eliminate 99% of darting.


Available in either 8" or 17" lengths, the Thruster provides additional floatation in deeper snow conditions. The Thruster will also help when cornering aggressively in soft/loose snow on the trail.

Loop Plate

Developed for drag racing, the loop plate offers a surface to trip the timing light while crossing the finish line. Will fit the Curve XS loop.