Top 7 excuses to skip work to go snowmobiling

It’s Tuesday afternoon, been snowing like a demon all day, and still coming down hard. The trail reports that the groomers are planning to be out tonight. You’ve just installed your new Curve skis and you cannot WAIT to go tear some up the snow like the neige-boss that you are.  

But you’re supposed to be in some meetings during the day, and, well, it’s January in Michigan so it gets dark at 5pm.  The only way to get that epic ride in is to skip work.  What to tell your coworkers:

  • Ask your boss to join you for a day out on the trails. If she or he doesn’t snowmobile, see excuses below.

  • Call in sick.  The key to this move is avoiding anyone from work except in the form of email.  Just don’t let anyone know your real sickness: after 8 hours on the trails you’ve got a case of the munchies only the Tim Horton’s 100 miles across the border could solve.



  • Turn on your vacation email responder with a message that says: “If you’re reading this, I’m breathing in two-stroke exhaust right now, at 70mph and 1 foot above the ground - I’ve never felt more alive!”



  • Take advantage of your company’s 1-sled-day-off-per-month policy.  Sure you’re company doesn’t have one - but you’re committed to being the change you want to see.





  • You need the day off to get a head start on your taxes. After all, snowmobile ownership expenses were high this year and you need to figure out how to write that off.



  • Car is stuck in a ditch. Whether that ditch is your parking spot, your driveway, or maybe you really are stuck in a ditch, it makes a wondrous excuse to get out of work.  I am too lazy to shovel my car out today, so I will instead not be coming in at all.  But you damn well know I will shovel out to drive to the mountain.




  • You threw out your back. This one’s plausible because good chance you’re ass is going to be sore as hell when you come back to work the next day -- especially after that bumpy right back home on the trail.  



  • Snow day for the kids and no one can stay at home to watch them. So you’ll either need to take them into the office or take them riding.



  • Be the committed company hero and get your sled on. Ride your snowmobile to work! This only works if you’ve got trails, lakes, the right kind of road situation.


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