Will we see a White Christmas?


Our hopes are diminishing by the minute... Upsatesnow.com has released their prediction for the end of 2018 and to be straightforward it flat out sucks. Bitter cold for tomorrow just to warm up by the end of the week with a good chance for rain and high winds. For those areas that have already established a pretty good base it'll be its hardest test yet. Not much riding to be done over the holiday weekend, and some good snows will be needed to replenish the trails. (We won't share the graphics/maps as that'll just add to the frustration.)

Next week is still up in the air, it appears the cold will return to end out 2018 but by this point significant damage will be done. Let's all hope that the cold and snow returns with a vengeance headed into the New Year. Until then enjoy the holidays and the time spent with family and friends. 

Johndee.com fears for much the same, fairly quiet for much of the week with above freezing temperatures to round out the week for the Midwest. With the freeze line shooting north well above the UP and into Canada for tomorrow and Thursday. There is hope though as temperatures drop back down near average for the weekend with a chance for some light clipper systems bringing a few inches for the north country. Then following Christmas there is really good chance for some heavy precipitation, let's hope it's in the form of snow as temperatures are still uncertain.

Meanwhile out west Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions is tracking a big storm system looking to dump snow in the Northwest Rockies over the next 5 days or so with totals in the few feet range. At least there's some good news to report in this weather outlook!