Will we be able to ride this weekend??

The million dollar question everyone is dying to know... what's the snow conditions like up north and what are the chances we will be able to ride this week/weekend? With it being opening day for the Adirondack park yesterday and Old Forge's Snodeo event this weekend everyone's going to want to satisfy that itch to get out and ride.

Let's just get right to the point, the warm up and heavy rains we sustained this past weekend did not help our case one bit... Everyone lost snow, even up north, but not all of it and with these colder temperatures that moved back in yesterday evening it should allow for things to set back up. Today and tomorrow look quiet but we are hoping and praying we get that lake effect there is a small chance of on Thursday. At this point it's looking promising, it's not going to be great but hopefully it should be rideable.

Upstatesnow.com is back again calling it as it is, the next few weeks are going to suck. No considerable snow events in the forecast and variable temperatures for much of the state. Now with that being said winter isn't over, remember it's still only early December. If you look at past winters and the trends this is normal, we always get these spells... and yes it sucks but overall they're still calling for a good winter.

As for the midwest, JohnDee.com is reporting overall fairly quiet for the next couple weeks with the exception of some LES that could bring a few inches to the north country later this week. Other than that not much on the radar, but the good news is temperatures appear to remain below freezing.

Much of the same can be said for the Rocky Mountains as well. Not much accumulating snow over the next 7 days or so. Then after that the storm cycle should pick back up. Visit Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions before you head out on your next trip.