When does Winter return?

For us here in Upstate New York we haven't necessarily had the most stellar start to 2019 like we'd hoped. So when will mother nature get here head out of her... 

Well it's looking like we may catch a break later this week as we finally lock in some colder weather and put all this unseasonable warm weather behind us (for at least a little while). With the cold air returning so does the snow as the LE snow machine kicks back on. This could mean some pretty significant accumulations east of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and into the Adirondacks... finally! Other parts of the state not so much but hey at least the cold should help start to freeze the ground back up (small victories). Snow showers will taper off by Friday as temperatures plummet into the single digits and possibly even below 0 for the Adirondacks. As for the weekend we're still a ways out so we're not going to speculate too much but it will remain cold and there is a chance for some more accumulating snow. Check back with Upstatesnow.com as we get closer to find out. 

As the cold begins to set in for the midwest today it will bring the freeze line well below the north country into southern Midwest. Lake effect snows will fall across the entire UP, northern MI and WI tapering off sometime tomorrow as temperatures return to average for the remainder of the week. Some light snows will fall over the weekend with the potential for some accumulating snows over the southern midwest but that is still uncertain. You can always check Johndee.com for his detailed daily forecast update.

The Rocky's continue to get pounded, with Colorado, Wyoming, parts of Montana/Idaho racking up some deep numbers. Next snow system to come later this week but not overly promising at the moment. For a complete snow depth list check out Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions website.