Wacky Winter Weather

Welcome to another edition of what the heck is the weather going to do this week... it has been another one of those years, one minute it's 20 below the next it's 60 and raining. 

Well we've survived one major thaw, but can we survive another? According to Upstatesnow.com it won't be nearly as bad as last time. But lets not dwell on the negatives, as of right now much of the northeast and midwest so get out and enjoy it! Sure there's the occasional waterhole or wet spot but we take what we can get...

Right now it's pretty quiet across most of the country and yes many of us will see above average temperatures for this weekend into next week but something begins to develop following the warm spell. JohnDee.com is calling for some significant accumulations for much of the midwest.

Out west they've been struggling a little bit at the lower elevations. In fact the first RMSHA hillclimb at Magic Mountain has been canceled due to lack of snow. But the good news, a sizable storm is moving in later tonight... snow totals are hard to predict right now but stay up to date with Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions.