Thanksgiving Storm?

So it's that time of year again where we're constantly checking our weather apps, and when one doesn't show exactly what we like to see we check another... and half the time none of them are right. is our winter weather news source of choice here in the New York region; they're a no bull, call it as it is kind of website. We've been following their daily reports all week in anticipation of another Thanksgiving dumping, and here's the latest.

So who's getting snow and how much? Well the usual suspects are in play as with all Lake Effect generated storms, you can bet the Tug Hill area and south of Buffalo will have a white Thanksgiving. Unfortunately not sure it's going to be quite enough to get those sleds out just yet...but hey it's a start and the even better news temps appear to be staying relatively cold in the long range.

For the full weather report check out the article here.