It's Wet and it's Heavy!

Well the rain has officially switched over to snow and it's coming down! Some areas have already accumulated close to 2' of wet heavy snow overnight. This will continue throughout the day with the usual suspects tallying the largest accumulations. 

But this is only the beginning, is tracking another lake effect "storm" tonight through your Wednesday. It appears south of Buffalo will receive the largest pay off with another foot+ dumped on top of today's totals. Of course the Tug and western Adirondacks will receive some good accumulation as well. This is all speculation, this storm will vary significantly depending on some small factors. As for this weekend... it would appear the temperatures will rise once again and there's a good chance we will see some precipitation in the form of the liquid kind. :(

The midwest is now recovering from the heavy snow they received over the weekend and into yesterday. Things look to remain fairly quite for today and most of tomorrow, then Thursday is looking at some light snow bringing a few inches to MN, Northern WI, and Lower MI; while the UP could see a little more.

Then we quite back down for Friday with temperatures rising as we head into the weekend. For your weekend much of the region will receive rain, with the UP and northernmost part of WI and MN picking up a few more inches.

I could curse the guys out west as they keep getting dumped on! They'll recieve another round of substantial POW Friday through Saturday night. Oh did I mention it's already super deep out there... check Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions for totals.