Baby it's cold outside... really cold

When will this frigid arctic air subside? Well it's looking like next week but that's still a ways out so we'll come back to that...

Right now we've got out eyes set of a Nor'easter that is traveling up the coast and will impact much of New England. Arriving Wednesday night this storm could drop up to 2' when it's all said and done Friday. It looks like the heaviest accumulations will be further east and to the north.

Photo: Accuweather

Unfortunately for us here in NY it doesn't look like we'll pick up much, maybe an isolated 2-4" in spots. But there is a good chance that this storm will revitalize the lake effect machine and bring some more snow to the usually suspects, along with another arctic blast of subzero temperatures. See for more on this.

For the midwest, expect much of the same...below average temperatures and some possible LE snow. No big storms in the near future but you can expect temperatures to return to near normal starting next week. Keep up to date with

Next we make our way out west make sure you have the avy packs ready... the west had gotten off to a slow start but they're good at playing catch up. NW Wyoming and parts of Montana and Idaho snowfall totals keep climbing, while Colorado and SE Wyoming continue to struggle. Courtesy of Rocky Mountain Sled Conditions.